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DT Tabernacle New Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd., a national high-tech company entirely transformed from DT Tabernacle Applied Chemical Research Institute, is the first company in China developing and manufacturing the reflective thermal insulation coatings, and also the first one using the reflective thermal insulation coatings for civil and industrial applications.

Specializing in the R&D and production of coatings, DT Tabernacle is the only company in the China��s coating industry which has been certified as the ��National High-Tech Enterprise�� for 21 consecutive years since 1994. We own two modern plants covering an area of 14,000m2 and with a capacity of producing 13,200 tons of high-tech special coatings per year. DT Tabernacle has obtained 10 national patents, ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification Certificate and ISO 14001:2004 Environment Management System Certification.

Through our own technological advantages and the cooperation with foreign coating institutes such as UBC, we have developed and manufactured the thermal insulation series products represented by DT22-2 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue, the heavy-duty series represented by DSF22 Anti-corrosive Coatings for Wet Surfaces and Underwater Applications, as well as acid/alkali resistant and high temperature-resistant series. These series coating products have all been successfully applied in fields such as petrochemicals, power, mining, ports, docks, bridges, engineering machinery, automobiles and municipal infrastructures.


DT Tabernacle is the first company in China specializing in the R&D, production and sales of reflective thermal insulation coatings and other special coatings. Since 1994, the DT22 Thermal Insulation Coating has also been successfully applied to the military, petrochemical, power, transportation, shipbuilding, railway and other industries. In 2004, we became the first Chinese manufacturer which successfully develop the colored thermal insulation coatings and applied the coatings to major civil projects such as China Mobile��s base stations, thus making the China��s thermal insulation coating technology always align with the world leading level. As a national high-tech company specializing in the R&D of special coatings, we have participated in the establishment of national and industrial standards including GB 50212-2002 Specification for Construction and Acceptance of Anticorrosive Engineering of Buildings, JG/T 402-2013 Heat-Reflective Metal Roof Plate, GB/T 31389-2015 Technical Conditions and Assessment Methods of Heat-Reflective Materials for Exterior Walls and Roofs of Buildings and JGJ/T 359-2015 Specification for Application of Architectural Reflective Thermal Insulation Coating.

DT Tabernacle always adheres to high-tech development, continuously studies and develops multi-functional high-tech new coatings to meet the market needs, and unswervingly promotes revolutions centering on the modern enterprise system. On the road of technical innovation, we will create miracles, unswervingly uphold "technology oriented, quality first, service nationwide and going global��, and make greater contribution to help China��s coating industry to catch up with and surpass international level.

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OEM One-Stop Service for thermal insulation coating.
Products can be passed by wall inspection.
Technical specification for building solar -
reflective coating(thermal insulation coating).
Please consult 400-775-0275 for details.

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