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DT Tabernacle's training in West Point

              To promote the development of the company and team building by strengthening team cohesion, the company entered the United States Military Academy at West Point for a one-day military outreach training program on February 2. The program was successfully held with the support of company leaders and active cooperation of all colleagues.


           This one-day military outreach training program consisted of group activities like the opening ceremony, consolidation of military discipline, drill regulation, icebreaking team formation, ��cannikin law��, ��power rope ring��, and awarding ceremony for persons with excellent performance. All of our staff participated to experience the exercises actively.


             Relying on disciplined military training and interesting outreach activities, the program aimed to promote communications and trust among people as well as departments through creating interdependent situations with drillmasters�� guidance。


          The program not only tempered their individual physical strength and willpower, but also improved the teamwork performance, by which company staff acquired a deeper understanding about the importance of two-way communication and division of labor and collaboration; it also enhanced employees�� executive power, team cohesion and the ability to strive for excellence, making a solid foundation for a win-win model of development in the future.


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