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DT Tabernacle held the "2018 New Product Launch Event"

            Spring is coming and by the beautiful season, Shanghai Datong Tabernacle New Energy-saving Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as ��the company��) held the ��2018 New Product Launch Event�� on March 20, 2018.

            Long-term strategic partners including new and old clients and distributors of the company were invited to the event. At the meeting, Mr. Yang Yuqi, general manager of the company, introduced to the participating units about the company��s new products, such as ��enhanced heat insulation coating��, ��heavy-duty coating with organic and environment-friendly glaze��, and ��electrostatic conductive coatings with organic and environment-friendly glaze��. He also made further communications with enterprises in terms of the composition, application, technical parameters and construction methods of these new products.

             Technical staff of the company answered questions from participating enterprises concerning particular fields one by one. They also demonstrated comparative test on heat-shielding performance of enhanced heat insulation coating, comparative test on moisture-curing performance of heavy-duty coating with organic and environment-friendly glaze, and surface resistance test of organic and environment-friendly glaze on the spot. The launch event obtained unanimous approval and praises of high degree from all units that were present.

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