What are the characteristics of DT22 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue?
DT22 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue can be applied to exterior walls of storage tanks to substitute the conventional water-spraying cooling process, and has the advantages of significantly reducing water and energy consumption, lowering breather loss of low-boiling-point oils or chemicals due to the temperature difference between day and night in hot seasons, decreasing environment pollution by escaping gases, and reducing the breathing loss of media in tank area by 1��; (2) DT22 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue featuring excellent performance in protecting from sunlight radiation and reducing heat conduction has been successfully applied in the petrochemical system for more than 10 years; (3) DT22 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue is white and honed and has good dirt resistance and decoration benefits; (4) The thermal insulation and Anti-corrosive coating has good flammability and is suitably applied to the exterior wall of storage tanks designed for low-boiling-point media; (5) DT22 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue has good recoating capacity and is convenient for long-term use, repair and recoating in future.
What requirements does DT22-2 Cold Thermal Insulation Glue (the brand product of DT Tabernacle) have on substrate processing?
(1)The standard Rust Grades and Preparation Grades of Steel Surfaces Before Application of Paints and Related Products (GB8923-88) must be followed; (2) Surface treatment: sandblasting surface treatment must be up to Grade Sa21/2 or power-tool and manual de-rusting treatment up to Grade St3; (3) The application interval of base coatings must be ��4h (calculated at the starting time of surface treatment). (4) Surface roughness must be 40-70 ��m (less than the 1/3 of total thickness of the coating); (5) construction conditions: ambient temperature �� 5 ��C, relative humidity �� 85%, and the application of coatings in the rainy and sandstorm weather, or at morning or night, must be avoided.
Why the thermal insulation coatings of DT Tabernacle are more expensive than conventional coatings? What advantages do they have?
Compared to other coatings, the coatings produced by DT Tabernacle have the heat insulation effect. By reflecting the heat of the sunlight, the thermal insulation coating can effectively reduce the temperature of the outer surface or inside the building. If the buildings are intended to be designed as per the standard of ��green buildings��, the thermal insulation coating can raise the design scores (2 scores are added if the solar radiation reflection coefficient of over 70% of pavements and building roofs is less than 0.4; 5 scores are added if the thermal performance of enclosure structures is 5% higher than the ruling national building energy efficiency design standard; and 10 scores if 10% higher). Therefore, during the project design, the adoption of thermal insulation coatings helps to achieve a better compliance with the design requirement of ��green building��. Meanwhile, the thermal insulation coating can reduce the thickness of other insulation layers and is an ideal cost-saving option for developers.
How is the thermal insulation effect of thermal insulation coatings when compared to conventional coatings?
Compared to conventional coatings, the thermal insulation coating is an ideal energy-efficient building material which can better reduce the temperature rise inside the buildings due to solar radiation and effectively cut down the costs of refrigeration and air conditioning. Generally speaking, the thermal insulation coating can lower the peak temperature on the outer surface of roofs by 10-20 ��C, and that of the outer surface of exterior walls down by 5-15 ��C, thus significantly improving thermal inertia.
What is the principle of DT22 reflective thermal insulation coatings of DT Tabernacle?
DT22 Reflective thermal insulation Coating itself has high sunlight reflection rate, near-infrared reflectance rate and hemispherical emission rate, and can reduce the thermal load of buildings and structures and lower the temperature rise inside buildings due to solar radiation by reflecting the heat of sunlight.
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